Erste Infos zum Abitur: Dienstag, 12.12.2017, 7. Stunde in der Aula

Welcome to Schulzentrum Marienhöhe

Founded in 1925, Schulzentrum Marienhöhe in Darmstadt is an independent private school (Schule in freier Trägerschaft). Supporting association is Schulzentrum Marienhöhe e. V., an institution of the Seventh-day Adventist Church (public law corporation) with the educational departments Gymnasium, Realschule (Intermediate Secondary School ) and elementary school as well as a girls dormitory and boys dormitory.

Experience of appreciation, the joy of efficiency, cooperation, self-responsibility, holistic life, sustainability: these values form the six columns of our mission statement (Leitbild).

The basis of these values is a holistic Christian image of man. The certification as a “Health-promoting School” by the Minister of Education in Hessen is a commitment for us to follow health-promoting values in our school development. This is also documented in our joining the charter “School for Climate Protection” of the Ministry of Environment, Agriculture and Consumer Protection in Hessen.

Around 700 students attend our school, about 50 youths and young adults age 14 to approx. 21 years old live in our dormitories. The day students come from Darmstadt and surrounding areas, the dormitory students from the Rhein-Main region, from all over Germany and also from abroad (China, South Korea, Russia, Bulgaria, Ukraine).

We accept students - regardless of their religious denominations or ideologies - who fulfil the formal requirements for admittance in Hessen and who are willing to join the school community in accordance with the values of our mission statement by participating in the creation of the positive togetherness on our campus.